From Date
To Date
Mobile Number
Biller Category Biller Name Ref Id Trans Ref Id Consumer Number Transaction Date EMT ID Amount Quick Pay Payment Status Bill Payment Status
{{item.BillerCategory}} {{item.BillerName}} {{item.RefId}} {{item.txnReferenceId}} {{item.ConsumerNumber}} {{item.PaymentDate}} {{item.EmtTxnRefId}} {{item.Amount}} No Yes No Yes No Yes
{{parentCtrl.currentPage}} / {{parentCtrl.numPages}}
    Ref Id
    Transaction Reference Id
    Reference Id Bill Payment Status
    {{BillPaymentTransactionStatus.payload.refId}} {{BillPaymentTransactionStatus.payload.txnStatus}}
    Type Of Complaint
    Transaction Ref Number
    Mobile Number
    Complaint ID:
    Type Of Complaint
    Reference Id Biller Id Complaint Id Biller Reply Complaint Status
    {{ComplaintStatus.payload.refId}} {{ComplaintStatus.payload.billerID}} {{ComplaintStatus.payload.complaintId}} {{ComplaintStatus.payload.billerReply}} {{ComplaintStatus.payload.complaintStatus}}
    From Date
    To Date
    Mobile Number
    Complaint Type Transaction RefId ComplainId Disposition Description Mobile InsertedOn
    {{item.ComplaintType}} {{item.TransactionRefId}} {{item.ComplainId}} {{item.Disposition}} {{item.Description}} {{item.Mobile}} {{item.InsertedOn}}

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